Oct 10, 2004
Things WILL get better.

So at the moment i'm having an argument with Diana over weight. She claims i need to eat and gain weight and everything else. She just doenst understand what it all is. Most people can't control their weight. They can't be as skinny as me. They're jealous i hear it all the time. God i wish i could be as skinny as you. I have that control that they don't. I'm better for once. I just need things to be better that's all. I just need to lose like 15 more pounds. Just go back to 95 then everybody will be jealous of me. I'll be skinnier then everyone. i'll be better because i have control that they don't. Nobody understands what that means to me. that things will be ok again.

Sean keeps messaging me and as much as i dont want to talk to him i do. I love him and i miss him but he's moved on he's got a new girlfriend things are looking up for him. while im back here alone as usual. So a new blog as always... hope its here to entertain. later folks.

Posted at 02:45 pm by defectivechild


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